03 September 2009

It's dawn.
Their host, pulling them up, saying things in a quiet yell that Sam can't understand.
And that he understands.
Backpacks, get the backpacks, wake up, Jake, wake the fuck up.
More hands.
They're speaking German.
It's not even light out yet.
They push hard but its not angry it's scared.
Flop-flop-flop helicopter.
Men with machine guns. Opposite sides, easy to tell, neither one wants to get the other angry.
Schnell, schnell.
Grabbing them rough hands and all he can do is make sure Jake is right there.
Grab Jake makes sure he's okay look into those eyes to double-check.
Screams. Now German and Italian and something else.
More gunshots.
Man dragging them screams and giant spittoon of blood jumps from his mouth.
Other man tackles them down and yelling in Italian.
Lots of gunshots.
correrre, correre!
And Sam just gets it and pulling Jake up and there's the chopper and fuck it seems so far off.
More gunshots and Sam knocks them down cos he feels something fly past his head and Jake screams but he doesn't know why and then they're back up only a couple of meters and now this sounds like a proper war shit is bouncing off the copter and he hears people screaming in multiple languages which needs no translation cos it's obvious they're screaming for their mothers and there's blood all over them and now he notices Jake is whining and some of the blood on him doesn't belong to others and he's looking at Sam and they're lifting off but he looks scared like never before and all Sam can do is hold him and comfort him til they get clear of this so he just buries his face in his shirt and lets him cry and scream cos he got hit so it hurts and he guesses it hurts bad.
He looks like a scared puppy in Sam's arms and now Sam's gonna be sick cos the fucking copter is pitching like crazy and all thats below them is ocean blue and forever and he just looks into his eyes and doesnt try to speak cos if he opens his mouth he's gonna puke so he lets his eyes do the talking but he's scared as fuck cos most of the blood on him is Jake's and he's well soaked so rips his T-shirt and tries to wrap it where it looks like he got hit to stop he blood and Jake screams and he's getting yelled at in languages he doesn't speak so he just says 'fuck off' cos he's trying his best and he knows he has to make him stay awake he's never felt so scared, ever.


  1. Reading this was like a tragic car wreck - blood and guts everywhere but I couldn't look away.