25 September 2009

abyssal love.

He gets that he's not supposed to know where he is, their strategies, all the bullshit. But this is just plain torture cos the fat guard who's popped several buttons off the bottom of his shirt is trying to stuff his face with a sandwich that smells like a homeless man's armpits and acting like he's having sex with it, it's spilling out of his half-closed mouth. And he's been noticing the security, well the lack of it, they leave the doors open half the time and this one of those times so he ambles out.
'Is Sydney coming to pick us up?'
And the guard doesn't it even bother to swallow, just opens his mouth wider so food is falling out and it sounds like he says 'whos Sydney' and Sam asks where Jake is and the guard says 'two doors down on-' before he realizes he wasn't supposed to.
It's well past three AM and the place is dead quiet until this cos Sam just loses it, he picks up the metal chair next to the man like a box of tissues and slams it down on him so hard he doesn't even have time to drop his sandwich, there's just a squish and a crack and he's gone in a pool of blood. He waits a second, half expecting the room to fill with guards or something, but there's none. It's a derelict military hospital anyone who was halfway good at their job would never wind up in.
Now he's thinking fast cos two doors only means one direction and he grabs one of the twenty packets of catsup the man took with his sandwich but never used and he finds the door and there he is, all scrunched up on the floor, not even on the bed, and he looks up and says 'Sam?'
And he looks so scared and rushes into Sam's arms and Sam holds him for just a minute cos he has to make it clear what's next is going to be real bad and he knows once he does that then he'll be fine.
Key one, key two...key ten.
Startled orderly with the injections they make them take.
Jake smashes his face like a pinata. Sick crunch, body drops, syringes everywhere.
Now the exit is in sight.
Stuff catsup into Jake's mouth.
Guard looks surprised cos Jake is coughing up red everywhere, doesn't even put his hand on the gun.
He's really sick officer they said we need a real hospital.
Panicked guard drops his guard.
Empty syringe to the neck, twitch, twitch, one more down.
Take gun, find keys. Honda.
Parking lot. Honda, Honda, Honda, where the fuck is it, oh there.
Crash gates. Guard was asleep so he probably never even saw.
Countryside, trees, bats, night and distance and safety and watch the Honda sail off into the dark of the sea below.
Alone again and safe, off the road, staring at the sky for the first time in weeks and now breathing the cool night air tinged with the scent of some strange flower.
Tastes like death but everything does now as long as they're together it's okay. See boats, small fishing village where no one thinks to lock things up or register them, sirens way in distance, time to go, run for it, pick a boat, any boat, go to sea and never see people again and burn and destroy anyone and anything that stands in the way of that dream, even if die trying, die together in each other's arms.
Forget it with wild sex and really awful wine that tastes like a diabetic old man's feet but does the job, cum, fuck, kiss, love all of it is just them and the open sea and the stars and disappearing from everyone and everything forever whatever that ends up meaning.
He ruffles Jake's hair while he sleeps and kisses him. Dawn comes soon, they will take stock of what they have to defend themselves if they need to and never see another rotting city again but make their own instead.

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